Tuesday, October 28

New Necklace

Yesterday I took the bus to a very homeless Down- town Los Angeles to get finger- printed for my visa application. The buildings downtown are extremely beautiful, marble and gold and totally intact; way closer to Gotham City than New York ever was. However, the majority of the population in the downtown area is legless and seemingly unwilling to work through it. I double-txted Owen and Tamara: "Downtown LA is like a 1920s circus." Seeing the little person who runs the elevator in the Notary-Records building was a breath of normal air. P.T. Barnum never had shit on LA's Broadway.

On LA's Broadway, dodging disease-carrying piles of garbage and people dressed in supermarket plastic bags, I found a store that sold tons of rosaries and psychic readings [which seems conflicting]. Rosaries are for rappers, but they were also selling this necklace.
It's a little iro, and I don't know who is pictured in it, which makes me a poser, but I legitimately like it and I could read in the fortune teller's eyes that she thought she was ripping me off when she charged me $5.

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  1. a year or so ago i stole this prayer candle from the silent barn (someone working told me it was an okay choice) that said SHUT UP and had a prayer about people trying to get you down and an accompanying picture of a floating head (with pigtails!) being gagged. We used it for a vase for a while but then amelia put it in the dishwasher and all the paint came off.