Wednesday, October 15

Good/Bad News

If you consider Google the dictionary, and I do, then you could say that my friends and I are such fucking hipsters that if you looked up "Hipsters" in the Dictionary [Google Image Search], our picture would come up [because it was taken from and used on a (popular?) Park Slope blog in which the writer was trying to grapple with how "Brooklyn" had become "synonymous with 'Hipster.'" I wouldn't understand the association if I was a yuppy and everybody in my neighborhood was straight, wealthy and 45+. What's hip about that? No offense my dad].

A schoolmate had noticed this [while looking for pictures of hipsters?] and then Jenny and I became "hip" to it. Since then, it's gone from the results page, having decreased in popularity. But good/bad news - it's on the second results page, first row! Unfortunately/hopefully posting it here will bring it back to page 1.

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