Saturday, October 4

Hope You Don't Mind LOUD Music

One of the archdukes of the Brooklyn D-I-Y scene is Charlie Looker, who used to be in Zs but now is the driving force behind Extra Life. Me and everyone I know have the hots for him because he looks like David Byrne driving a convertible through Texas, so when he passes we sigh, "What a Looker!"

My friend/ex-friend Josh Brown [we have a v tumultuous relationship] took guitar lessons from Charlie Looker last year. Apparently Dave Longstreth had also taken lessons from Charlie Looker and according to Josh Brown, because of his improv jazz background, Charlie Looker models his note progressions on instruments like guitar and vocals after that of the jazz flute. So this, presumably, is why the vocals of Dirty Projectors, and also Extra Life, jump high and low from note to note.

I was at a wedding last year and Charlie Looker was talking to my date, so kind of talking to me, and he was talking about something he legitimately liked. "No iro," he assured my date/us.

And since then I've been using that term [v sparingly since it's stealing], as I legitimately like or have an interest in things when it is socially acceptable to be horrified by them. For instance, no one wanted to see Mamma Mia the movie with me, but I really wanted to go [no iro] because I really love ABBA [no iro].

I just wrote a horoscope for Showpaper about something I legitimately want:
[for Capricorn]
You read a 33 1/3 book on a band you have always liked and know a lot about and it was a great disappointment for you; maybe it was poorly written with corny jokes, maybe you didn't learn enough secrets about Stephen Merritt, but either way you swore the whole series off. Problem is, you've gone about those books the wrong way - choose them for the writer, not the subject. Sure you like Unknown Pleasures, but who the fuck is author Chris Ott []? Get the 33 1/3 book John Darnielle wrote about Black Sabbath [from the view of an institutionalized 15 year old]; it'll be 99.9% enriching.

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