Tuesday, October 7

Livin' XXXL

It probably seemed mean when earlier I wrote that I would make a XXXL America Ferrara shirt because I had just been calling her fat. And even though I thought Real Women Have Curves was hilarious ["You have a pretty face." "WHAT ABOUT THE REST OF ME???"] I do believe that women look better with some ass on them and I don't consider America Ferrara overweight. The reason I wrote that I would make a XXXL A.F. shirt was because I prefer to wear XXXL shirts [as dresses, not because I'm fat, even though I have a lot of ass on me].

Here are some shirts that I have in XXXL:

Oh, here, I found a pix of me wearing it.

[made for me, of me, from the most unflattering MySpace picture he could find, by Alan Resnick]

XXXL shirts I want to make:

and the one about America Ferrara

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