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Monday, October 19

New Kind Of Neighborhood

Thursday, October 8

Why Read The Paper When I Can Tell The Headlines?

Unemployed but thoughtful I've tried to develop a reading schedule for the week. Monday I read as much of a novel as possible - currently Galapagos by Kurt Vonnegut, with a hopeful undertone of visiting the islands next year upon flying to Ecuador to see my childhood friend Taub. On Tuesdays I buy the New York Times in print, which costs $2, because it has the science times and because I absently associate the internet with playtime. Wednesday is magazine day so I buy either the New Yorker or New York Magazine and read about half of it, extracting from them what would best serve me at a party or dinner function with people I dislike or don't know very well. I link Friday to the weekend, when I don't have to read unless I want to, so Thursday is left in sort of a limbo, but I've thought of a way to keep it educational; I'm going to make it the day wherein I read the Bible and the Farmer's Almanac.

Thursday will be the day that inspires me. I will process information so different from that which I can casually understand, and in turn (probably) learn a lot about myself.

I haven't visited KMart or whatever retailer one seeks for these freak books, so in the meantime I watched this YouTube video that my friend Jason sent me. He grew up in Baltimore and turned out pretty okay, and I think it's because people in Baltimore praise skills and make movies in a style that nobody else had previously invented. If anyone can explain the plot of this upcoming film I will kiss them furiously.