Tuesday, January 20

Yes Pecan

I bought this pin on the first day of the Olympics [8/8/08] and wore it to Boadrums 2. I was wearing an Egyptian-themed dashiki, so when I put the pin on it, I was the toast of all the party photo- graphers. Today I wore it to celebrate the inauguration of Barack Obama [and the new Ben & Jerry's flavor, Yes Pecan]. It tipped off the supermarket clerks to speak English to me immediately [as most people revert to French until they hear the way I say, "Bon soir."]

Later in the evening, as Colby and I walked from his apartment to mine, two twelve-year-old boys sped past us, mocking, "French is cool! French is cool!" and then pointed at me and said, "Tourist." Then they walked casually and often turned around to look at us.
I yelled, "Discoteque?" back at them, which is not universally funny, but Colby whistled at them as though they were attractive women for the next two blocks. Then he poked in a code to open the gate wall of my apartment complex, and as I said, "Bon soir," to Charlie Chaplin's daughter and her husband, I felt proud to be a Parisian.

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