Wednesday, January 7

Things I'm Bringing To France That I Should Leave At Home

1. My purple suede jacket w fringe:
Usually I can't bring myself to wear this jacket in places where I won't have trouble making friends.

2. My prom dress:
Mia told me that if I don't wear a tradition- ally fancy dress to every eatery/ museum/ peep show/governmental office that I will be promptly asked to leave. Plus I want to help the French re-live the Gates. They loved the Gates!

3. The chicken bag:
The chicken bag is another item that I've outlawed in real life but today I cleaned the garbage out of it and put it in my suitcase under the belief that, although it's been gaining popularity in America [with help from Theodora Richards], I'll be the only person in Paris holding one. But then I remembered that Pylons is a French company, the Spencer's Gifts of the Rhineland, so on occasions where Parisians clean up after their dogs, they are likely using chicken bags to store the shit. And then when I wear it, I'll be asked to leave.

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