Monday, January 26

L'As du Falafel

Yesterday we went to Lenny Kravitz's favorite place to get falafel in the world, which isn't very interesting until you consider that it's most probably Zoe Kravitz's favorite falafel spot, too. L'As du Falafel's long lines partnered with their assembly-line expediency in constructing falafel sandwiches and the high rate of English spoken is wholly reminiscent of John Travolta's favorite place to get hot dogs - Pink's. Cited as the institution that made Travolta fat, the Los Angeles landmark stands as the holy grail of hot dog stands featuring a Rosie O'Donnell themed-garden dog. However, unlike L'As du, Pink's vends a product you can make at home in a few minutes; the L'As du Falafel falafels were exceptional, with chili sauce and little triangles of grilled eggplant in every bite. Always trust Lenny Kravitz! He's been around the world!

1 comment:

  1. i was once in paris and I went to that place and after about 5 minutes lenny kravitz walked in with his whole posse!
    no kidding! he got some falafel
    then I left