Thursday, January 1

Necklaces With A Lot Of Garbage On Them

Sometimes I build up necklaces the way the occasional traveler will stuff their key ring. It usually starts out with an Israeli fish on a long chain; the little golden mouth open as though I had baited it by leaning over a decorative lake. Then I'll add a second Israeli fish because, hey, what's $10. Then I'll find a lucky rabbit's foot in my drawer from the time I bought a pack-o'-ten on eBay. I've been told they're actually cat feet, and I must admit that they do smell an awful bit like our felines' fur [with formaldehyde]. From there the necklaces take off. Mia will give me a dream catcher from a Native American gift shop and I'll hang it on my necklace from the plastic loop that held its price tag. Someone loses the black rubber band of their inexpensive wristwatch or one of their gold, bamboo-textured hoop earrings, and within the hour it's close to my heart. I avoid using actual key ornaments, like leather coin pouches from Barbados or a big plastic heart that reads DAD because of their weight. Because weight [and being unconsciously tugged on, and being left on when I fall asleep and have fever dreams] will eventually break the chain and all of the junk will fall on the floor. And I'll bend over, pick up the essential charms, and let the rest get swept up after everyone goes home.

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