Tuesday, January 27

Rock DJ

Isabelle and I will most likely be deejaying at an upcoming Panther show in Paris. I have yet to think of a deejay name, but Colby suggested that I name myself after a 1999 b-film that received little attention in the States but was distributed in France with subtitles; the movie is called, Η Επίθεση του Γιγαντιαίου Μουσακά, which can be roughly translated from the Greek to mean, "Attack of the Giant Moussaka." Although the movie was hailed as the Greeks' long-awaited answer to Plan 9 From Outer Space [or more specifically, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes], I should like to think that AOTGM was made because Panos H. Koutras considers being crushed by a sentient piece of moussaka to be a most delicious death.


  1. I think you should use "Miss America" while in Paris. Or I suppose I could let you have "Sleepless in Seattle."

  2. isabelle felt it would be best if we just performed as Club Fromage