Sunday, January 18

My Gift Is Mysong

At the opening of the demo for Microsoft Songsmith, you assume it's an internet joke because the fake MPAA rating for the film is "S for Songtastic." The father's overacting and job scenario are weird enough to keep that assumption going, and when Lisa calls Songsmith the "cool new thing," you're wondering why the joke isn't funnier. But then Lisa keeps singing about the product. And then the father actually uses it to write a jingle about glow in the dark towels that almost makes a legitimate pun. At the midpoint, the Indian with both ears pierced brings to light that the video was made by Microsoft, and then sort of uses Songsmith to make a song that sounds reminiscent of Wings' Silly Love Songs, which most middle-of-the-road people admittedly like. He ends up being the video star, and when Microsoft changes the name of the program and reformats the demo style, he gets paid for a second acting job. In the first video it's a little blurry but in the second infomercial they clearly explain, with the help of the recurring Indian, that your vocals' accompaniment will sound the same regardless of what you sing because it's guided by the set tempo but can be affected heavily by a change in Jazz Factor.
Colby and Nick Noto will most likely use Mysong for all of their future homework assignments.

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  1. I actually had reoccuring nightmares as a child about machines stealing art from human beings by using the most obvious and consumable variables of art itself in a huge database, spitting out the most statistically enjoyable music possible.