Friday, January 2

My 13's New Year's Resolution

I guess the Los Angeles TV channel "My 13"'s New Year's Resolution was to suck because they reformatted the 11pm news show to actually just broadcast Fox 11's news. The original show was my evening tradition, with the two anchors - the slut and the gay [who are actually married!] - the tacky news stories [grandfather kidnaps own grandson for meth-funding ransom and leaves boy in Vegas], and Mark Thompson, the dancing weather man who loves current hip hop but doesn't know where the beat is at.

The majority of the stories are still, Two Dead After Mistaken-Identity Drive-by In East LA, but the newsroom set is now modeled after CNN's, or some other station that recognizes world-wide crisis. The new newscasters are ugly but show 0 cleavage to make up for it. Mark Thompson still dances but he is forced to first explain weather trends for at least 50 seconds.
I'm not really sure what made this video backward.

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