Tuesday, July 28

Old Gift: ABBA Clock

I know I said [on Twtr] that I wasn't going to talk about ABBA anymore, but I just found this ABBA clock in the cabinet under the sink in the bathroom that I share with Atiya. I had given it to Mia for a birthday or Christmas in the early 2000's, which I had used as an excuse to FINALLY buy a clock from Mod World. The ABBA Clock is simple and glittery, garnished with children's beads, some of which help to spell out Dancing Queen. Despite this, the image of the group that encompasses the face of the clock is clearly of them lip-syncing, "When I Kissed the Teacher" in Poland in 1976. I like the clock more now than when I bought it [for Mia], having originally picked it because it was inexpensive. Another clock in Mod World was the reason I'd frequent the store - to make sure it was still there. It was a Pink Flamingos-inspired clock, the body of which was a pink lawn flamingo trimmed with AstroTurf and heart-warming pictures of Divine. It cost several hundred dollars so no one would buy it, and I don't think anyone ever did. RIP Mod World.

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