Thursday, July 30

Cyclops on the Bus

A lot of the monsters invented by the Ancient Greeks' mythology were later seen as predictions of the genetic deformities brought in by modernity. Dryads and Kraken and Hydra alike, all rearing their heads in the digital age in varying shades of unfortunate. At the Musée Fragonard d'Alfort, a taxidermied oddities museum attached to the main veterinary hospital in Paris, I learned that Cyclops, too, are amongst us. I saw myopic cows and bunnies and realized that any mammal can have an Eye of Providence hovering above and between where its two eyes ought to be. And then, two days ago on the 4 bus, I saw a live one! A lady cyclops was (appropriately) seated in the handicapped section in the front. Unfortunately she displayed some unfriendly behavior, as beasts so often do, so I didn't feel comfortable asking her where she'd bought her protective glasses.


  1. Did her unfriendly behavior have anything to do with you snapping a pic of her?

  2. no no she was way too bonkers to notice. i took like 4 pix. she jumped around from seat to seat, cutting off ppl who were about to sit down, and wouldn't scoot down for ppl who were older and less agile. can't fraternize witha cyclops like that