Saturday, July 25

Biz's Karaoke

I definitely identify with Biz Markie. I hope that I'll eventually be the Biz Markie of my chosen field: not impressively or even technically skilled but so jokey and defiant that it passes as excellently-thought-out. His alias is a pun beyond what he seems capable of after hearing Toilet Stool Rap - goofy flow, daffy rhymes, Puffy AmiYumi scratching - but that's most of his charm! In his song, Chinese Food, wherein he names good dishes, Biz Markie sends a Rest In Peace to Aaliyah and then shouts out Bruce Lee and Jet Li. My other deep connection with Biz Markie is his love for Gilbert O'Sullivan [another GR8 moniker] which he professed with an unofficial and unauthorized cover of Alone Again (Naturally), for which he was later sued. The lawsuit burned when rubbed into the financial failure of his album, I Need A Haircut, but four years later Biz Markie was healed by his own classic rendition of Elton John's Benny and the Jets. He sustains an entertainment value throughout the whole song without proving a pinch of musical competence, which, for me, is awfully inspiring.

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