Tuesday, November 11

Where It's At

One of my favorite bands to see live is the Mountain Goats, and one of my dad's favorite bands to see live is Beck. When the Mountain Goats played two nights at the Troubador, my dad accompanied me both nights, so when Beck played a double-header at Club Nokia, I was his date.

I remember when Odelay came out. Beck, not yet mega-famous or known as a Scientologist, was considered a fairly cool guy and admired by "indie" news for his stylishness. When asked where he bought his clothes, he shrugged, and said, "Target." He is totally wearing a bootleg Michael Starr shirt on the cover for the album Mutations.

It was actually excellent to see him twice, even though I haven't had strong feelings for Beck since 1999.
[Photo provided by this Flickr account.]
During the encore, Jay Reatard came on stage to sing the chorus of some Beck song I wasn't familiar with. Jay Reatard wasn't familiar with it either, and read the lyrics to the chorus from a cheat sheet. I don't think his mic was on, anyway.

On the subject of 1999, Beck's outfit last night was obviously modeled after Arnold from Hey Arnold!, which my creepy, 1999 self would have considered very hot.


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  2. Alaina, who identifies with Helga, is on the phone with me admitting the following: that she aims with the voice actors of Arnold, that she has a Helga doll and wishes she still had it, and has memorized all of Helga's poems. dork!!

  3. w/e spencer klein was maddd hot. i wish videochatting had existed then