Wednesday, November 5

AIM Convo About How I Applied For A Job At Another Youthful Retailer

RED is Alaina
GREEN is Colby
[Seasonal colors for seasonal hiring! Gimme those USD!]

then i went to get a job at ***** outfitters!!!!!!
did you get the job?
or apply for it?
i applied
it was one of my better interviews
and they said that working at shows is retail experience
that's good
that's awesome
but w/e
so then i got back home and took a survey that i ahd to take to work there
68 questions
40 of them were about smoking weed on the job
and the rest were about stealing
really? haha
that's really funny
it was really funny
if it wasnt timed i wouldve taken screen shots of the whole thing
thats funny
it was like "It's okay to smoke a marijuana cigarette on your break as long as you can still perform your duties."
its like Yes
but i have to say Totally Disagree
which was a choice
Slightly Disagree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree, and Totally Disagree
that's really funny
v retarded


  1. i took that too!! i couldn't figure out the right answers. i mean, did they want me to be cool? well, either way, i went with the straight-edge TOTALLY DISAGREE!!! answers. and i didn't get the job. good riddance though y'know what i mean?

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