Saturday, April 11

We All Will Be Received In Iceland

The slightly-stronger-than tentative plan is to, instead of flying from France to America, fly from Paris to Iceland, knock around Iceland for a week [either with my dad or alone] and then fly to New York. If I should end up alone, here is my adventure skeleton:

Day 1 Reyjavik -
Day 2 Blue Lagoon (sleep in Reyjavik)
Day 3/4 bus to Höfn í Hornafirði and then go to Vatnajökull glacier
Day 4/5 Skaftafell National Park--->Svartifoss (Black Falls) / Lónsöræfi [depending whether this is day 4 or day 5]
Day 5 bus to Reyjavik
Day 6 bus to Keflavik - and then if i need to sleepover - - but hopefully back to Reyjavik
Day 7 Reyjavik to New York

things to see in Reyjavik:
The Hallgrimskirkja Church - designed to look like Black Falls
The Perlan Observatory
Zoo - ride Icelandic horses / Botanical garden
Buy a bunch wool crafts and go to hipster bars -

outstanding ways to break vegetarianism:
hákarl (putrefied shark cubes)
svið, singed sheep's head
Slátur, consists of lyfrapylsa, a sausage made from the offal of sheep, and blóðmör which is similar to lyfrapylsa only with the sheep's blood mixed into it
Lundabaggi (Sheep's fat)
hrútspungar (pickled ram's testicles)
hot dogs (but exotic!)

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