Wednesday, April 1

Most Unique

Not to toot my on horn too loud but when I was a senior in high school the yearbook committee invented a new superlative that I was an obvious shoe-in to win: most unique. It doesn't mean anything, but because I had no qualities that would bring me recognition as Friendliest or Nicest Hair and because I got a 2 on the AP art test and in turn wasn't even in the running for Most Artistic and because I was enough of a high school personality to deserve extra pictures in the yearbook, especially because my actual yearbook picture was surprisingly ugly, the yearbook committee gave me my due. And because superlatives were set up so that one girl and one boy won for each category, a kid I had never really spoken to and I were photographed together. I initially assumed he was undeserving and lucky that I was around but tonight I found a picture of him from 2003 on Facebook, and because somewhere beyond the studs and chain wallet there seems to be something special, I'm beginning to think that I thought wrong.


  1. I won that too.

    When do you get back to NY?

  2. At Fitch HS, they had 3 winners for every superlative. Samantha and her 2 friends won it for the girls and they all wore matching t-shirts that said "I'm unique, just like her". Also my best friend at the time won "most artistic" and in his picture, he is in black face..

    Also, I was the second tallest in the school and somehow didn't even place for "tallest", but I guess thats alright considering measuring height doesn't quite fall into the definition of "quality or degree".