Tuesday, April 7

Rock Me Amadeus

Today in 2003 the Billboard #1 song was 50 Cent's first hit, and when people would ask what I was up to later, I'd mock him with, "You can find me in the cluuuuub," despite it's obvious improbability. For 2006 it was "Had A Bad Day," a lullabye for receptionists written by James Blunt-impersonator Daniel Powder, and before that, in 2000, "Butterfly" by Crazytown was at the top of the Top 40. But my favorite song of April seventh would have to be 1899's smash hit, "I Guess I'll Have To Telegraph My Baby."

However, if you really want to be playing my song, you'd first need to powder your nose and then your wig, and then put on 1986's Rock Me Amadeus.

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