Monday, April 27

Vermeer In Furs

Anyone with an outside-knowledge of the Dutch masters will recall that Johannes Vermeer deeply favored specific accessories and pieces of women's apparel; namely, pearls and a golden velvet jacket. The subjects would vary but these items would appear, and while it's easy to believe that more than one wealthy woman in Holland owned pearl jewelry, I doubt the popularity of a flashy yellow coat, thick-trimmed with white fur which was speckled with black diamond spots, in the mild and bashful 1660's. The women he adorned with the things he adored would, by modern standards, be mistaken for sufferers of a genetic disease, but in his time and place they were considered at least decent beauties. It's quite difficult to tell if any of the paintings were of the woman of Pearl Earring fame, or if they all are. I'd say the woman receiving news from a messenger at her desk looks the most like Scarlett Johansson.

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