Friday, May 8

Puddle Wonderful

When I see a puddle of gasoline on wet pavement I start smiling like a child. Most people feel excitement at the sight of rainbows but no one else I know wants to talk about how nice an oil leak looks or to take a picture of it for me.I was able to find some photos of oil rainbows on Google Image Search but 85% of them had been digitally altered to show excessive vibrancy. Flickr seems to favor images of nature so infused with neon that making an unauthorized inspirational poster for your local guidance counselor must be easier than ever! "The squeaky parking lot gets the oil spill." I'd much rather be looking at Lisa Frank directly.


  1. i remember your reaction when you saw one in paris. :)

  2. Those dolphins are precious!

    P.S. I have to type "sadisty" to verify I'm a human. That's so blade runner.