Wednesday, May 13

A Night Without Armor

Jewel's book of poetry, A Night Without Armor, now available on for $.01, explores the fire of first love, the fading of passion, and the loneliness of living in a car following divorce. It was published a decade before she gave up pursuing pop music for the ever-easier-to-succeed contemporary country bracket.

In 1993, Michael Balzary (better known as Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers) met Jewel after he saw her perform at a local cafe. They went back to her van and she sang a few songs for him. He described her voice as being "beautiful" and "breathtaking."In 2007 Jewel was a judge on Iron Chef: America, in which Bobby Flay scorched David Burke. Since then, challengers have rarely decided to battle Chef Flay in order to save face.


  1. She had a song on the Batman & Robin sndtrk.

  2. i'm sure the lyrics to Pieces Of You make ppl want to write xtra verses so they can belt their own fave slurs.