Wednesday, May 20

England's Rose and Floral Prints

Most want to say that the 1990's are back but I'd argue they never left; that the 90's, like the spirit of Santa, exists in all of us. We never stopped liking Nike or Clueless and never really wanted our men to stop looking like Kurt Cobain. Because 90's fashion was characterized by anti-fashionable behavior, it followed the belief that things that technically don't go well together or match at all... now do. And that clothing meant for lumberjacks and hicks are actually perfect for us. It was an unconscious reaction to the hyper-stylized 80's and an attempt to erase the trend of the decade uniform, while simultaneously inventing irony.

For this reason, I'm not buying the 90's revival. Newly-made floral skirts and expensive tube tops have no place in my heart. Most items of flannel can go fuck themselves, too.

However, if you still crave a style icon from way back when, definitely go with the Jackie Onassis of 1996 - Diana, Princess of Wales.


  1. i kind of think hilary's current do is based off di's cut in the blue dress dayz. what ever happened to dodi fayed???

  2. The second dress:
    If it were long sleeved, it would be the my sister's high school prom dress.