Thursday, December 4

Top 5 Funniest Parts of the Trailer for Gran Torino

I saw three major motion pictures last month: Synecdoche, New York, JCVD, and Slumdog Millionaire. During each preview session, the trailer for Gran Torino was played, and every time I watched it I'd cackle and hoot.

In New York everyone asks, "Is that movie really worth the $12.50?" but in Los Angeles, going to the movies costs $14.50, with a $2 surcharge if you buy your tickets online or go to the movies on the weekend. They make it up to me by serving alcohol in the theater, sometimes with waitress service at my seat.

So I'm going to save you the sixteen dollars and show you the trailer you've been missing by pirating movies. If you are sometimes unsure of when to laugh at previews, I've listed my favorite parts of Gran Torino below.

Top 5 Funniest Parts of the Trailer for Gran Torino

5. "We've got beer, too." "I might as well..."
4. "What was it like to kill a man?" "You don't wanna know."
3. "What the hell these Chinese have to move into this neighborhood for?"
2. "Thao and Sue are never gonna find peace in this world..."
1. "Why are you bringing me all this garbage anyway?"


  1. His voice makes me think of people who have to talk with a computer in their throat

  2. you icon makes me think of this video that sam kalda just sent me: