Friday, December 26

I Want Your Heart; I Want To Eat Your Children.

After my computer broke, I would go to the library to check my Facebook and Although the content was something I mainly enjoyed in my formative years, I looked up a site of Mike Tyson quotes one afternoon while sitting quietly in the library. As I read Mike Tyson's bouts of self expression, I lost control of myself and gave loud, hearty laughs, painting me as a schizophrenic to those around me studying and creating profiles on BlackPlanet.

This was all before my awareness of YouTube. And although the quotes I was reading were uncomfortably funny, it was like awakening the child inside of me to really hear his voice read these famed Tysonisms. Enjoy!


  1. I'm most excited for v Awesome Fashions in gay Paris

  2. hysterical. i stole this and put it up on my blog..