Thursday, October 8

Why Read The Paper When I Can Tell The Headlines?

Unemployed but thoughtful I've tried to develop a reading schedule for the week. Monday I read as much of a novel as possible - currently Galapagos by Kurt Vonnegut, with a hopeful undertone of visiting the islands next year upon flying to Ecuador to see my childhood friend Taub. On Tuesdays I buy the New York Times in print, which costs $2, because it has the science times and because I absently associate the internet with playtime. Wednesday is magazine day so I buy either the New Yorker or New York Magazine and read about half of it, extracting from them what would best serve me at a party or dinner function with people I dislike or don't know very well. I link Friday to the weekend, when I don't have to read unless I want to, so Thursday is left in sort of a limbo, but I've thought of a way to keep it educational; I'm going to make it the day wherein I read the Bible and the Farmer's Almanac.

Thursday will be the day that inspires me. I will process information so different from that which I can casually understand, and in turn (probably) learn a lot about myself.

I haven't visited KMart or whatever retailer one seeks for these freak books, so in the meantime I watched this YouTube video that my friend Jason sent me. He grew up in Baltimore and turned out pretty okay, and I think it's because people in Baltimore praise skills and make movies in a style that nobody else had previously invented. If anyone can explain the plot of this upcoming film I will kiss them furiously.


  1. I am inspired by your routine!!!! Also, I might be going to Baltimore again soon, so I will be on the lookout for segwayesque bikers.

  2. the plot of this movie is: baltimore is tuff, way tuffer than most cities (especially NY, DC, philly, and... new jersey?), and also talented at bike skills that serve no real purpose (except, of course, looking tuff).

    in yr face, other cities!