Tuesday, March 17

Copycat Abba Group

I secretly [depending on who you talk to] wanted to start a copycat Abba group but apparently Maywood totally beat me to it! They're even from the same general area of Europe. Like Abba, most of their music is unlistenable and like Abba, they feature several Spanish-sounding tracks dealing with things they know nothing about, like war or Southern California.

Their video for "Late at Night" stands as proof to me that, no matter where in the world, all boring suburbs look basically the same.


  1. fuck, i've always wanted to form an ABBA-like band.

    there are no windmills in the boring suburbs i'm from.

  2. we should start one. you can be the Frida and i'll dye my hair blond.

    my town had a grist mill and still unsure of what it is, i equated it to the structure behind those two dancing young women.